How can I get in touch about covering REVIVAL in a press piece or other media report?

Simply send an e-mail to us using the details on our 'Contacts' page, explaining what you would like to cover and how it will be used and we will get back to you. If it's easier, supply us with a phone number and we will ring you to discuss the finer points.

Can I obtain free/concessional entry to a REVIVAL event with a 'press pass'?

This will depend heavily on the size of the event, practicality of accommodating your equipment and any assistants on the show floor, expected turnout, and also the intended coverage and exposure of any media piece you will be creating. It is common these days for many amateur bloggers and video loggers to report on events and whilst we appreciate that viral exposure is a big factor in modern advertising, it can be difficult to gauge the audience of many sites and because even regular visitors may have similar exposure through social media, it can be hard to discern. We encourage fair opinions and appreciate all coverage uploaded to the web, but because of the sheer number of requests of this nature, we already have a pre-arranged list of invited press and generally only issue free passes to reporters from 'old media' such as newspapers, magazines and TV.

Can I still cover the REVIVAL event in an interview for my blog/vlog/website, or cover it attending as a regular visitor?

Yes of course! We welcome visitors to cover the event in their own way and if you are an amateur reporter for a blog, vlog or website you are part of you can still contact us for an interview and we may be able to arrange set-pieces for you at events during any press sessions.

What am I allowed to cover/photograph/record?

You are welcome to capture the entire event in photographs and video and can bring any equipment needed to do so. You are welcome to interview exhibitors, guests and visitors with their approval, and we can arrange set pieces with special guests for you on request. There is very little you may not be able to cover, so all we would ask is that you try not to obscure views or block access whilst capturing images, and respect the guests and visitors' wishes should they not want to be photographed or filmed.

Where can I find details of a specific event such as attractions, directions, opening times etc.?

Each new event will have a detailed event page here on the website and key information or sudden announcements will be posted through social media first, so be sure to subscribe through the usual channels. Traders may also ask any questions prior to the event by contacting us by e-mail. We want all our exhibiting traders to have the best experience possible and be fully prepared, so be sure to get all the information you need and simply ask if you are unsure of anything.