What can I expect from a REVIVAL event?

Every REVIVAL event focuses exclusively on retro video gaming and the surrounding culture of the scene. Our main events contain a mixture of playable exhibits in the form of arcade machines, pinball machines, home computers, consoles and portable devices from past system generations generally spanning the 1970's right up to the early 2000's. Our moniker of 'Remember...Relive...Revive' explains our whole ethos: Remembering the past - Reliving the gaming experience - Reviving the style. Although you may see a few new systems and platforms at a REVIVAL event, it is usually to demonstrate games with retro-inspired gameplay, homebrew creations or indie gaming development projects that have a classic style. REVIVAL is all about the lost genres and gameplay style of games that have stood the test of time.

What else can I expect in terms of attractions?

The content will vary depending on the event size and focus, but you can expect to see a selection of independent retro product vendors selling all kinds of gaming collectibles, certain sponsored demonstration areas, on-stage and event floor competitions, raffles and give-aways, visual display side experiences, and much more. A major feature of our larger events are the special guests and theatre-style talks, where invited names from the world of game development, press and sub-culture give Q+A sessions and share their experiences directly with visitors. There is usually enough in the way of attractions to keep visitors occupied for an entire weekend, which is why we will always offer better value weekend tickets. Most choose to shop, attend talks and take part in competitions on Saturday and enjoy more laid-back gaming on the Sunday when there is time to appreciate the systems fully!  

What does my ticket buy me?

At most events, your ticket entitles you to enjoy UNLIMITED FREE PLAY of all arcade machines, pinball machines, computers and consoles, plus access to all traders, side exhibits, talks and attractions. You can even leave the venue and return throughout the day if you wish, with a wristband or hand stamp issued to regain admission. All you will need money for is food and drink, vendor products, raffles and any advertised attractions that state they are at an extra cost. If coming a distance you may also want to factor in parking fees or hotel costs, which will vary from event to event. Generally speaking, enjoying the show itself will cost you nothing besides your ticket price though!

What is the REVIVAL Membership Card scheme and how can I participate?

REVIVAL Membership Cards have been offered in restricted numbers since we began as a way to increase the event experience for all show visitors and get the most value out of your ticket purchase! Customers who have purchased a card will primarily be entitled to:

  • - early admission of up to one hour on event days, before the regular public opening time
  • - up to a 10% discount on goods and services from participating traders on the event floor
  • - promotional gifts, goody bags and vouchers (at some events)
  • - priority tickets and limited quantity promotional give-aways, in the run-up to certain events
  • - early-bird discounted ticket prices on major events

Card holders will be allowed early admission on presenting their card to admission staff at the event, and will be entitled to the discount when presenting their card to any trader displaying a 'Revival partner trader' placard on their stall. The discount will be available on all standard goods but may exclude certain rare or high-value collectibles, at the seller's discretion. Other perks such as promotional gifts will be announced prior to the event they are associated with, and will often be available to collect at the event itself. The scheme has been very successful since it began as it only increases the value for money you get whenever you purchase a REVIVAL event ticket, and you could come away with some fantastic discount souvenirs and collectibles! REVIVAL cards do not expire but are only available in limited numbers, so join the exclusive scheme and enhance every REVIVAL event you attend! Membership cards can be purchased on their own or alongside your tickets from our ticket merchant, and can be collected on your arrival at the next event. 

Is there any conduct or etiquette I need to observe in attending or enjoying the event?

Generally speaking, no! REVIVAL events have an unrivalled atmosphere because the majority of visitors are gaming enthusiasts just enjoying exactly that - a good game with a smile on their face and socialising with friends in a family-friendly environment. All we ask is that visitors arrive with their tickets to hand, respect and be fair to other visitors waiting to enjoy the exhibits after you, respect the age and value of the equipment on display to the collectors who own them, and maintain their own and any children's behaviour to ensure everyone is safe to enjoy a good time. Alcohol is available at most events and it's fine to enjoy a beverage whilst you have a game as long as you are careful! To ensure everyone's safety, any individuals displaying inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave, with no refund of their entry fee.

Is there food and drink available and can I consume it whilst enjoying the event?

Most venues we choose will have hot or cold food, snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages on sale. Whilst it's recommended you enjoy these off the show floor, you are welcome to enjoy drinks and snacks whilst you game, provided they aren't placed near electronic equipment in a dangerous way and rubbish is taken away and binned. Most venues are licenced premises so may not allow you to bring in your own food and drink. We don't recommend you bring your own, but if you do it must be consumed off the premises.

Can I take photos and/or video of the event and upload them to websites etc.?

Yes of course, we actively encourage it! Taking pictures and recording video is a great souvenir and sharing it with us and others encourages interest in future events. Most exhibits are fine to be captured in this way unless specifically stated, but please ask permission of guests and individuals if you intend to spend some time taking the best footage. If you are a blogger/vlogger and create a review somewhere online, be sure to share it with us through social media and encourage awareness of REVIVAL!

Where can I find details of a specific event such as attractions, directions, opening times etc.?

Each new event will have a detailed event page here on the website and key information or sudden announcements will be posted through social media first, so be sure to subscribe through the usual channels!