2015 saw a new chapter with RRE and our 'Winter Warmer' event was held so we could test the water to return full scale. Thanks to it's success we have been able to do that, and the one thing everyone wanted to return is back - The guest talks and Q+A panels!


RRE have officially partnered with the UK's voted top retrogaming podcasters Retro Asylum, who have been given their own dedicated zone at REVIVAL Solstice 2016 to host the special 'Gamer's Theatre'. On Saturday 30th, this area will play host to the talks area, where specially invited guests from the world of retrogaming development will be in attendance giving presentations on their past work, history in the industry and to give Q+A time to REVIVAL visitors about their new projects!. We also have at least one special guest joining us for a transatlantic video conference on the big screen.

On Sunday the 30th, Retro Asylum will be interviewing visitors for their upcoming podcasts and recording footage of the event, plus will be playing past recordings of interviews they've done as well as a second chance to view past guest talks from former REVIVAL events courtesy of the large screen projection setup! All this, interspersed with gaming commercials and snippets of gaming media of the yesteryear to enjoy while you have a bite to eat and a breather from all the retro gaming goodness!