Extra Life 2022
Arcade Club Bury

Extra Life - Video Gaming Event

Well I didn’t think I was going to make it today but so glad I did thanks to good family support ensuring I stayed on my feet. Big thanks to Andy, Barry and all the sponsors who chucked a few quid towards this 24-hour gaming marathon at Arcade Club in support of Cancer Research UK. Was really good to see who turned out and really get to catch up with friends who clubbed together to show some support for what I and some other scene bods have had to go through with our recent cancer battles, and I’m informed they’ve already raised several thousand for the cause.

Good to get to chat to most people for a while; sorry it was only very briefly with some of you and didn’t get to speak to some others of you at all, but I was aware of everyone who was there and I appreciate all of you. Lasted as long as I could but really needed to get home safely and I’m glad to say I had a good time. I’ll see some of you at upcoming events and will hopefully get to talk to all of you more soon if I can stay on the mend.

Didn’t take many pictures myself but there’s tons in the group already and loads of live segments to look back on so I’ll be doing that from the comfort of home 🙂

Much love 👊🏻 - Craig