Crash Live 2022
10am Saturday 26 November 2022

Soooo…… how have the last 2 years been for you? Missed events? In particular, have you missed the awesome annual dose of REVIVAL and all our little side meets? Us too! It took a worldwide pandemic and a serious illness to put a stop to proceedings, but now we are gearing up to come back and bring the best retro gaming events in the UK!

As many will know, our return to events post-COVID has been delayed because of my battle with cancer, which will take me time to get back to full health. However, I’ve been in talks with our former main venue ‘WFC - The Venue’ at Banks’s Stadium in Walsall, and I’ve started laying the groundwork for REVIVAL’s return in the near future. It will once again bring together the best of all sides of retro gaming in a whole weekend event, and be just as you remember it!

In the meantime however, we want to let you know that we’ve been talking with former RRE member Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books, and we have started making plans to assist him with a new event that will be held later this year called ‘Crash 2022’; a celebration of the world’s best loved Spectrum gaming magazine with a heavy focus on the Sinclair line of computers, infused with the features and atmosphere of your favourite REVIVAL events! More news is to come once dates are made concrete, but we are pleased to once again be working closely with our close friend and former partner on a brand new event at Banks’s Stadium with a more specific focus, but still giving you people to meet and greet, trade stalls to purchase retro goods from, potential competitions, loads of playable computers and consoles to enjoy and that excellent REVIVAL vibe you’ve come to expect from our involvement.

Expect a full announcement to come very soon from Chris through the Crash and Fusion channels, and we encourage all you REVIVAL fans to come and enjoy this excellent pre-Christmas social with us later this year!

Exciting times I’m sure you’ll agree! If you’re interested in getting involved in these upcoming events then be sure to drop us a message and get a jump on the details before the official announcement.

It’s good to be back 👊🏻😎👍🏻 - Craig